The New Ralovely August 18, 2011

[Update - 1 Sept 2014]: Now hosted on AWS S3, fully generated by Middleman.

Boy, it’s been a long time!
A long time since I posted here and, in general, a long time since I took any interest in this site.
It was time. Don’t ask why, I don’t know.

A few weeks ago, I moved the blog over at Github, going from an aging wordpress to a static jekyll site hosted as a Github page. I had fun doing it, but it wasn’t enough.
So here is the fruit of a little over 2 days of work.
There are a few loose ends, it hasn’t even been tested for ie, and one could probably tweak a lot of the little details. It also needs an iOS optimized version, but at least it’s here.

For the graphic oriented among you:

  • Font is Futura P, thanks to the awesome Typekit service.
  • Photos are from my collection. The ones on the About ad Blog pages are from our first trip to Japan, and the one on Tackkkle page is… well, muddy.

And for the techies:

  • It’s hosted on AWS S3 as a static website.
  • It is generated by Middleman.
  • It’s hosted on my very own dedicated server at Online (in France).
  • It’s a Ruby On Rails app. Even if the site is mostly static, we never know…
  • The blog is still static Jekyll generated pages.
  • Background image resizing is done via Supersized jQuery plugin
  • Tackkkle punches arrangement is done via Isotope jQuery plugin by the so talented David Desandro

The Tackkkle page is, of course, a reference to the very exclusive dribbble, and I like how the nav bar-slash-title bar came out.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.