(Not So) New Generation April 16, 2007

And, talking about music, here is the first post about it.
It’s about a few guys and a gal’.
They all deserve a solo carrier, but it’s hard for young musicians these days, so they hang tight, together.
They play a music at the fragile intersection of Funk, Soul and Jazz, remixed with today’s technics.
I have every piece of album they managed to make, I have seen many of there shows, and they deserve being talked about, heard and seen.
So let me introduce them to you.

I’ll start with the girl: her name is Sandra Nkake.
A beautiful tall black woman with just an incredible voice and an awesome vibe. She’s prepping her album right now (can’t wait).
She has a MySpace page and a blog.

Then, there is Booster. He’s one of the guys behind the music. His part is the electronic sampling and keyboards.
Some kind of genius (I’m not afraid of the words !). He already produced 2 albums (one of them still waiting for a publisher - shame on them). He also has a MySpace.

And then, there is Juan Rozoff. He’s a little older, but is just the funkiest man alive (just behind Prince… gotta admit !).
Only 2 albums, but maybe 2000 live shows. Just can’t get enough !

There are a few other ones in the sphere : Vincent Theard, keyboard, composer and producer;
and Guillaume Farley, amazing bass player.

There are a lot of big words in this post, but they really deserve them.
Let me try and prove it to you:
Here is an excerpt of a live recording of a 09/03 show in Paris at Le Sunset.
It’s a Prince song called Forever In My Life, with booster at the programing, Juan Rozoff and Sandra Nkake at vocals (quite representative of what I’m talking about…).
I’ve seen and heard Prince play this song many times, but this version is one of my fav’.

If you’re lucky enough to live in Paris, run to their shows (considering you like the genre…).
If you live anywhere else, buy their albums (and I mean buy, don’t steal. You can steal from other big ones, not from them, they actually need the money!), and try to pay a visit !