The best of both worlds May 23, 2007

Though I don’t consider myself as a programer, I still do program and learn programing a lot.
I evolve in the LAMP sphere (or should I say MAMP…), and I really dig PHP. It’s simple, has a really wide community (even became mainstream according to O'Reilly) and allow quick-and-dirty scripting as well as well-planned-and-thorough coding. I don’t use a framework yet, even if CakePHP seems to be a good one.

But for two or three years now, the buzz was elsewhere. And, as an early adopter, I must say, I can’t stay indifferent to the buzz.
The buzz is with Ruby. Or to be a little more specific, it’s with Ruby On Rails, the Ruby frameworks.
The Rails framework is the pure-genius creation of a bunch of guys at 37signals (more on them later… stay tuned!.. Check their blog meanwhile :). It’s really impressive and well thought. So, I decided to give it a try.
First, because it’s on fire right now, but most of all because it’s really (really) impressive (am I repeating myself here ?).
I’m not saying that I’m switching my main language. But following an advice that seems wise to me (though not really always practical), learning other languages can teach a lot more than just that (the advice is from Pragmatic Programmers, and tell you to learn a language a year).
Ruby is a real Object Oriented Language, and PHP, since v.5 is becoming one.
Learning Ruby will be a great way to improve my PHP skills.
There are many resources on Ruby and Rails. I’ll only point here, Google will do the rest.
Oh!, and go see these very neat screencasts too.