One TLD to rule them all... July 28, 2007

(TLD: Top-Domain Level as in .com, .fr or .org)

If you have to buy a domain name in the future, don’t waste any time wondering, you want a .com.
First, when was the last time you typed http:// ? Yep, that long…
Then, try and get rid of the www.
If you spend just a few minutes a day browsing, you know hardly type these anymore too.
Some wrote about it, and even started a movement.
So we came from to
Now, strip the .com off. Yes, still works…
The reason is that, by hitting enter (or ctrl-enter depending on your browser), if you didn’t provide a TLD, it will append .com for you.
.com, not .fr or .org…
Of course, if you’re an advanced user, you can configure that behaviour, but honestly, who will ?
So, how long before we actually forget about TLD altogether ?
Most people are already using Google as an adress bar, mostly out of lazyness if you ask me.
How long before we drop the TLD system anyway. I would by the minute.
I find it harder to remember the TLD than the address in the first place; companies buy every domain available since day one; even if TLD system multiply the available number of domain names, if two sites are in conflict over a name (ie.: one in .com, the other in .net), both are penalised anyway.
Honestly, how convenient would it be to only have to remember/type apple, or ralovely ?
I already do (thanks to my favorite browser), and I love it.
p.s.: The Enter key (without ctrl) in FireFox will take you to the Google top response (I’m Feeling Lucky™).