The Best In The World August 03, 2007

The other day, I used the term “The best in the world”, but it felt different.
When you think about it, we tend to over exaggerate when we speak, using superlatives and all : Greatest, Truly Gorgeous, the most Amazing….
How many times did you say You gotta see this guys work, he’s the best in the world… ?
And how many times did you actually mean it ?..
Yep, not that much.

But the other day, it felt different.
I said it, and it sounded… real.
I was talking about Pixar™.
These guys, many of them, are the best in the world.
In almost every movie-related activities, you can’t find anyone better.
That’s an abyssal thought.
They don’t make mistake. Right now, they can’t fail.
I just went to see Ratatouille, their last movie.
It’s flawless. Perfect.
And not just the 3D animation, but the characters, the story, the rhythm, the casting.
Even if you’re ego-less, somewhere, deep inside, it must feel good to know you’re The Best (no, not you reading that louzy blog, the guys at Pixar™… :p ).