Why you wanna make great products December 01, 2007

The other day I suddenly remembered I wanted to buy an album.
I usually use one of two sites: Amazon and Fnac.com ( La Fnac is a big french store chain).
Great I think to myself, I have a few minutes, let’s pop Safari up.
And then came THE CHOICE: the fragment of second where you decide who you’re gonna buy your CD from (Yes! I still buy CDs: online music sucks).
Almost instantly, I chose Amazon.
It was so fast, I was surprised myself. I wondered How did I make this decision, so quickly ?.
During these few milliseconds, Amazon’s web site appeared in my head. Those bright orange buttons, this clear white page, those big thumbnails… Reliability, fast service, not too many spams, not too many special offers

A blink of an eye.
That’s all you have to make your sales pitch.
That’s why you want to make great products.