The New Ralovely August 18, 2011

[Update - 1 Sept 2014]: Now hosted on AWS S3, fully generated by Middleman.

Boy, it’s been a long time!
A long time since I posted here and, in general, a long time since I took any interest in this site.
It was time. Don’t ask why, I don’t know.

A few weeks ago, I moved the blog over at Github, going from an aging wordpress to a static jekyll site hosted as a Github page. I had fun doing it, but it wasn’t enough.
So here is the fruit of a little over 2 days of work.
There are a few loose ends, it hasn’t even been tested for ie, and one could probably tweak a lot of the little details. It also needs an iOS optimized version, but at least it’s here.

For the graphic oriented among you:

  • Font is Futura P, thanks to the awesome Typekit service.
  • Photos are from my collection, taken on our first trip to Japan.

And for the techies:

  • It’s hosted on AWS S3 as a static website.
  • It is generated by Middleman.
  • It’s hosted on my very own dedicated server at Online (in France).
  • It’s a Ruby On Rails app. Even if the site is mostly static, we never know…
  • The blog is still static Jekyll generated pages.
  • Background image resizing is done via Supersized jQuery plugin

I hope you’ll enjoy it.