Add CRUD logic to Devise August 21, 2011

If your app authentication is handled by Devise,
and you want to be able to administer your users’ account in your app,
you’ll need a CRUD controller and the associated views.

Devise’s wiki has a lot of resources, including this one: How-To:-Manage-users-through-a-CRUD-interface. (I since edited the page to reflect these changes).

I found out that it needs a little correction and an addedum.

  • The path_preffix in the routes file is not optional. If you don’t add it, rails will mix up edit routes.
  • In your controller’s update method, you need to check if the pssword is blank. If so, remove the key from the hash. If not, Devise will fail its validations.
if params[:user][:password].blank?